Niranjana Vanalli, Ever smiling, encouraging teacher

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I had the honour of meeting Dr. N Vanalli a year before joining the University of Mysore. I was doing an internship at a newspaper and was assigned to cover a program at CPDPS, University of Mysore. I was early to the event. Upon seeing me wait, Sir came over for a little tête-à-tête. I don’t remember much about our conversation but I sure remember how polite and down-to-earth he was that day. Not to mention his charming smile.
I am his student now at the university and I can safely say that he is one of most friendly and encouraging teachers I have had. The kind of assignments he gives are a bit challenging in nature and are aimed at bringing the best of the student. The first words he speaks on seeing a student’s work are always encouraging. He always encourages and appreciates the attempt made by the student. How he manages to see positive in everything is quite astonishing.
He always greets his students whenever, wherever he sees them.  A man of his stature being this humble is so very rare these days. I am privileged to be the student of a successful feature writer, a good teacher and most of all, a good human being.

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