Seminar on Challenges in contemporary Kannada Journalism

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Ujire: “Though there was no Lokayukta or television, many scams were brought out just through print media. Many Public Interest Litigation cases have been filed for the sake of social justice and welfare of the society. Even Lokayukta Act came into existence in the year 1996. But soon many changes were brought to the Act, and the first one was to keep the Chief Minister out of the Lokayukta clutches”, said Ravindra Reshme, a senior Journalist from Bangalore.

He was presenting a paper on “the challenges in contemporary Kannada Journalism”.

Addressing the gathering, he said, “India stands third in economic power and educational power in the world. India stands in the first place when comes to knowledge power and we should realize that we are capable of taking over the science and technology sector of the world.”

He spoke about the development of Science and Technology all over the world and told that globalization has made the whole world a global village.

He also spoke about the politics in India soon after the independence until today and told that, there are both positive and negative influences on the development of the nation by politicians like Narendra Modi and Manmohan Singh.

“We should take the good things from all these and leave out the bad”, he said.

The next resource person of the seminar, Dr. A S Balasubramanyam of Bangalore University spoke about the advancement in the technology and said that, modern information technologies like News portal, websites like twitter, Facebook and even Whatsapp has become an integral part of our daily life and we can get information and news from any corner of the world sitting in any other corner of the world.

“But whatever advancement takes place, the value and significance of the print media remains the same”, he added.

Prof. B P Shivaram of Mangalore University presided the first session of the seminar on the challenges in contemporary Kannada Journalism. In his Presidential remarks, he said that, though English Journalism plays a significant role, even Kannada Journalism isn’t any less. These days many journalists opt electronic media than print media. But we must understand the importance of print media and see to it that talents are utilized properly.

“There was a day when the whole government used to collapse due to the investigative journalism. But now, the number of investigative Journalism is reducing. Journalists should concentrate on this and see to it that professional ethics is sustained”, he added.

The first session of the seminar was followed by question and answer session. The session was presided by Prof. Somappa of Mangalore University. Balakrishna, editor of Udayavani, Manipal; Prof. Shyleshraj Urs of Mysuru University; Dr. N R Chandregowda, Mysuru and Reena, lecturer, FMKMC, Madikeri; participated in the session.

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