Dasara torch light parade; a horse called Pratap died of heart attack

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During the Dasara torch light parade, a horse named Pratap breathed its last due to heart attack. Pratap, a horse of the mounted police unit was giving signal to fire canon. It had to run from the center of the ground to a corner, and back to center. After the signal, 7 canons were being fired. Like that, Pratap run thrice to give signal to the canon firing team, which fired 21 canons in 3 rounds.DSCN6626

As it had to give signal, it had to run very fast. Rudraiah, a mounted officer was riding Pratap. After completing 3 rounds of giving signals, Pratap fell down. Medical staff of the mounted unit gave first aid to the horse. But it did not respond to the aid. Then it was taken outside the parade ground with the help of vehicle, but Pratap died on the way out said sources.

Announcer in the middle of the event announced that the horse fell ill. But they didn’t say that Pratap was no more.

Sandesh, who visited torch light parade, speaking to News Nirantara said that, “The horse being a part of the mounted units, deserved a mark of respect. We should think of the animals who are too close to man and obey the order without any hesitation. It is in deed a sad news”.

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