Is Hariprriya doing a Neelambari in Samhaara?

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Rumour has it that Hariprriya is playing a character with shades of grey in director Guru Deshpande’s Samhaara, which has Chiranjeevi Sarja in the lead. And if the first look of her character is anything to go by, it seems that the role is akin to what Ramya Krishnan did in Padaiyappa.

“Hariprriya plays a very homely yet powerful character in the film. This kind of characterization has not been attempted in Kannada cinema in a while, and will be one of her best,” claims Guru. But if her role has a villainous streak, is it perhaps anything like Neelambari in Padaiyappa? “Audiences may get a whiff of that character in Hariprriya’s role, but while Neelambari affected family audiences, Hariprriya’s character, her lines and mannerisms will have youngsters relating to her,” adds the director.

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