Cloud computing: a solution for Big Data problem

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Mysuru: With 2.5 quintillion bytes (exabytes -> 1018 bytes) created every day, data storage and analysis has become a great challenge. Cloud computing can be the solution to Big data problem, said Dr. A. K. Mishra, Senior Scientist and Coordinator, BIC, New Delhi.

He was addressing the gathering on the topic “Big Data and Cloud Computing in Agri-Bioinformatics” in the plenary talk session of 103rd Indian Science Congress hosted by the University of Mysore, Mysuru.

Cloud computing is very important in BIG data analytics due to its application sharing and cost effective properties. It is an attractive technology at this critical juncture of current genomic data storage and analysis. Such analyses with respect to agriculturally important plants and animals is crucial for progressing towards a sustainable livelihood and development. 90% of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years alone, he explained.

Hundreds of Agricultural institutions across the country should be connected and for this CLOUD is a good option. Development of user friendly crop computational algorithms and tools is needed, he said.

Cloud computing poses problems for developers and users of cloud software as it requires large data transfers over precious low-bandwidth, raises new privacy and security issues and is an inefficient solutions for some types of bioinformatics problems. However, it is an increasingly valuable tool for processing large datasets and it is already used by the US federal Government, pharmaceutical, internet companies, scientific labs and bioinformatics services, added Dr. Mishra.

The other resource persons of the plenary talk were Dr. Binay Panda who spoke on the topic “Big Data and Personalized Medicine: Challenges and Opportunities for India”, Dr. Dinesh Gupta on the topic “Big Data Analysis in Biotechnology: Applications of Machine Learning and challenges towards clinical applications” and Dr. Michael Gromiha on the topic “Algorithms and Applications of Bioinformatics in Big Data analysis”.

Prof. T Madhan Mohan chaired the programme. Delegates, students and participants from various states and countries were present.

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