Recent surveys show a clear majority for the BJP led NDA

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The new survey showed that the BJP led NDA is likely to win the Bihar polls with a two third majority. The recent surveys by Zee News and JantaKaMood done on September 29 and 30 showed that NDA will win 147 seats in 243 assembly seats. The Grand alliance of JD-U, RJD and the congress will be settled to 64 seats. For the remaining 32 seats there will be a close fight says the survey.

In the overall percentage share of votes, the NDA is seen enjoying 53.8 percent, the ‘Grand Alliance’ 40.2 percent and others 6 percent. The five-phase polls in state are to be held from October 12 to November 5, and counting will be on November 8.

In the first phase (49 seats) elections to be held on October 12, the NDA alliance is likely to get 53.8 percent of votes and the ‘Grand Alliance’ 40.1 percent.

According to the survey, the NDA is likely to win maximum seats in the Naxal affected areas. From Arrah to Sitamarhi, the alliance is likely to get 54.6 percent of overall votes and the ‘Grand Alliance’ 39.7 percent. According to Election Commission, there are over 47 seats hit by Naxal violence in the state.

Chief minister Nitish Kumar’s home district Nalanda is witnessing a very close fight. But here too, NDA with 48 percent of votes has an edge over the ‘Grand Alliance’, which has the backing of 44 percent. Of the seven seats in Nalanda district, both fronts are evenly tied with three each, while one seat can go either way.

Overall, 35.9 percent Muslim respondents are rooting for NDA, while the ‘Grand Alliance’ will garner majority 57.9 percent. The ‘Grand Alliance’ also enjoys edge with Yadav community, with 50.2 percent of vote share, compared to NDA’s 43.7 percent.

A total of 35,000 out of 7 lakh respondents were approached on phone by JantaKaMood, a survey start-up by IITians with high-end analytics and technology at its core. The margin of error is 0.6 percent and confidence level is 99 percent, meaning consistency is very very high.

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