Newsnirantara is a proud news and views portal, created by a small group of young journalists. Newsnirantara was launched  on July 20, 2015. The news portal does not restrict itself just for reporting and giving news. Newsnirantara aims at analyzing the issues and to give factual and unbiased news to its beloved readers, proud citizens of Karnataka. Newsnirantara, being a bilingual news portal caters to the need of the readers in both Kannada as well as English. The website is developed and is maintained by the same team. We don’t believe in exaggeration of news, but telling the truth.
Why News Nirantara?
Though there a number of online news portals in Karnataka, Newsnirantara presents itself as a unique news website. Not only giving news, but also being a voice of the citizens, identifying the problems and finding solutions to those. Newsnirantara confines to maintain the ethics and morale of Journalism, which is to work for better, enlightened and educated society.  Along with the news videos, live telecasts and the Newsnirantara blog is the unique and special feature of the portal. Portal tends to inform, educate and create awareness among the people. With the support of the people of Karnataka, we hope the portal to become a voice of the people and the news bearer of every household with the advancement of technology.
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