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Binge watching adventures

A bit of a warning before you begin to read, this is has been written after twenty-four hours of binge watching a television serial. I might not be in my right mind, am I even awake right now? How many cups of coffee have I had? Did the sun even rise today?

Are you wondering what I was binge watching? It wasn’t Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad, it was a Hindi serial called Kuch Rang Pyar ke Aise Bhi. The serial began some time in February and has about 60 episodes all available on Youtube.

The real reason to begin watching the serial are the lead actors, what other reason can there be watch a serial titled so? The story is weak, the characters sadly one dimensional and the plot lines so similar to the other serials on air that I could have begun watching at episode 70 and still understood everything.

The hero is played Shaheer Sheik, who used to play Arjuna on the Mahabharat and the heroine is Erica Fernandez, who I remember in pretty pastel colours from Nininndale. The sad part is, she’s actually a pretty decent character. She’s got spine, individuality, and potential of character which gets lost in the usual humdrum of tropes. Dr. Sonakshi Bose does not make you cringe, which is a compliment when compared to others on television.

The hero is just sad, who defines himself by his devotion to his mother and moods that is worse than Bengaluru weather. Dev Dixit’s biggest flaw is that he can’t seem to find his own but at the same time struggles to be just like the epitome TV hero, which he falls short of. The makers objectify him as much as they do her, which makes me happy. While at the same time makes me roll my eyes.

Characters like his sister, Neha make me sad. She struggles to build an identity which is portrayed as hysterical and wrong. Neha’s choice of not wanting to have children is so badly handled that I wanted to pull my hair out.

Binge watching television serials is a self-destructive task. The title song begins to play in a loop in my head and the words are imprinted in my head without me knowing. (*hums kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi while filling out a form at the bank and gets weird looks*)

And since YouTube now has auto play, I don’t even know which episode I’m are watching. Going back to that one scene where they stared at each other’s faces for 20 minutes is really difficult, because you don’t remember which episode it was.

It is easier to find badly written fanfiction for that episode, where they do more than just staring. But it’s such bad literature, I might as well write something better. And where is the fun in that?

It’s a delicate balance between laughing at the serial, and getting so involved that you get angry for the bad characters. Which then leads to writing fanfiction to make amends for the horrid writing on TV. Clearly, I have crossed that line very long ago.

So why do I put myself through the pain of watching sadly made Hindi serials?


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Aishwarya is a coffee addict and incurable fangirl, who spends way too much time on the internet. She manages to make time to be a radio jockey on FM Rainbow, work as a research assistant and so some freelance content writing.

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