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I went grocery shopping and bought a book

This is the story of a sultry Tuesday evening in the pretty city of Mysuru. I wasn’t hungry yet, but I knew I’d be at some point. There was no salt at home (the horror!) so I began the journey to the grocery stores with a wire butti in my hand.

Detour: The no plastic rule is fantastic but it borders on ridiculous when the people at fast food chains expect you to carry an open glass of coke without a cover when you’ve ordered take away. Do they think the roads in the country can handle an open and full glass of a cold drink without making a ridiculous mess?

Having bought the salt, and the vegetables, I began trudging back home only to come to a standstill at the second hand book store right next to the vegetable cart. The store itself remains a mystery since it works at Mysuru standard time. Which means you never know when it’s open and when it’s not!

Luckily for me, on this pretty pink Tuesday the store was open and displaying a collection of classic English novels. Of course, the classics are mundane af but you can’t be an English speaking snob if you haven’t tried to read at least ten percent of these great works of literature.


This particular book store was no stranger to me, but I wasn’t overly familiar with it either. I have bought a tattered copy of Henry James’ short stories and a well-read version of C Rajagopalachari’s Ramayana. Yes, Rajagopalachari is violently clinical with his retellings of the epics, but they are good references for major story points!

Despite my hands and butti begin full of tomatoes and carrots, I came home that evening with a copy of James Joyce’s Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man.

It’s been a week since then, but I’ve managed to read less than a page of the book. I may never even finish it. Yet, it will remain an important part of my days in Mysuru because it was the book that was cheaper than a kilo of tomatoes on a sultry Tuesday evening in Mysuru. Where else in the world can you do that?

PS: The photo should be with the book and the vegetables, but sadly the vegetables already been eaten by the time I wrote this! So here is the book with a pretty lily instead.


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