Clearing recent apps!!! A bad idea

It is obvious that all of us are using Smartphones now. We have seen that most of the people keep clearing the recent apps every now and then. It has become a must do (not so good) habit to everyone.

The actual fact is, clearing all the recent apps every time is not a good practice, since it reduces the efficiency of cache mechanism of the operating system, which impacts the performance of your device. When you launch an app it gets stored in Random Access Memory (RAM). When you close it, it stays in your RAM so that if you launch it again it will launch must faster. When you force close or swipe away an app in the recent apps list, you are clearing out that cached app and when you launch it next time, it will be like you’re doing it from a fresh boot.

Swiping away apps from recent tasks kills the process of those apps, thus preventing them from being cached in memory. When you launch them later, it takes longer time and much more CPU cycles to start the process again. Clearing recent tasks does free much memory, but takes longer time and requires more system resources for launching those apps again reducing the performance and battery life of the device. Many people also use Task killer and RAM booster apps which simply kill everything, the cached apps and background processes.

The most popular Android OS has a very good RAM management system and it knows what to keep and what to kill based on certain factors like the app usage frequency etc. It kills unwanted apps in the background whenever it needs more RAM. Anyway clearing out apps you’re not going to switch between regularly is fine. So, your frequently used apps can stay and everything else can be killed if you wish.

Thus clearing everything from the recent apps list is a waste of time. The smartphone OS by itself has a good RAM management system. So let it do its job by itself, you don’t have to.


Ravi Krishna

Ravikrishna is a Technology Enthusiast. He likes cars, follows tech shows and loves photography. At present he is working as a Multimedia Graphic Designer at Bangalore.

3 thoughts on “Clearing recent apps!!! A bad idea

  • August 10, 2016 at 12:18 pm

    Good one bro…nobody is aware of it.. We can see many people swiping swiping and goes on swiping to make the smartphone faster… Those people must read it… 🙂

  • August 10, 2016 at 8:10 pm

    I appreciate your effort to pendown something like this that is important to be known by everyone who has a habit of clearing the apps unaware of the fact what you said. Well said Ravi

  • August 10, 2016 at 8:18 pm

    I appreciate your effort to pendown something like this v.imp. Well said Ravi


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