Quadrooter Exploit on your phone: Should you worry???

The research team of Check Point Software Technologies Ltd, disclosed details about a set of 4 vulnerabilities affecting 900 million Android smartphones and tablets that use Qualcomm Snapdragon chipsets. They called the set of vulnerabilities as QuadRooter. QuadRooter is basically a bug which is affected in devices which are having Qualcomm Snapdragon Chipset or any hardware of Qualcomm.

QuadRooter is a set of 4 vulnerabilities affecting Android devices built using Qualcomm chipsets, which is world’s leading manufacturer of chipsets. An attacker can exploit these vulnerabilities using a malicious third party app side loaded to your device from outside by enabling the “Unknown sources” in the security settings. Android’s “Verify Apps” feature are included in Google Play Services and enabled by default almost four years ago in Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, is designed to protect from these types of vulnerabilities. Anyhow 3 of the vulnerabilities have been solved in the latest Android security update of August 2016.


Each time vulnerability is found, the device manufactures issue the fixes to the bug via a security patch, which provide resolution to the vulnerability. Users should always make sure they update their mobile devices to the latest version available. Try not to install any application out of Play Store. Uncheck the “Unknown sources” in the security settings of your device.

You can download the QuadRooter Scanner app from Google Play Store to check if your device is affected.



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