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#Domestic Goddess

As a single child with a single parent who worked three jobs, I entered the kitchen at a very early age. And since my mother broke her ankle a few weeks ago, I’m on the path to becoming a #domesticgoddess, which is another fancy name for being a clean freak and perfectionist. In matters of the household of course, let’s not talk about professionally (this blog post is 12 hours late!).

For modern women, the balance is a fine acquired art, since modernity has done little to ease our responsibilities at home. We work at home and we work outside, and there is little acknowledgment on both fronts. Take note society, this needs to change.

Back to my own struggles of being a #domesticgoddess. My mother having broken her ankle has put me in-charge of the entire household. Literally, everything from cleaning the toilet to paying the taxes is my responsibility. Cleaning the toilet is significantly easier than paying taxes or any sort of bills, obviously.

The worst is really buying the groceries; do I go to the fancy super market which home delivers or to the corner store which has eye candy? Do I buy apples or pears? Is the cucumber spoilt? Are the ladies fingers too mature? HOW does one decide if the mango is sweet or not just by looking at it? Where do they teach you all this? Why was mango picking not a part of school?

#domesticgoddess also means a stunning organisation of time, and the ability to say a firm, ‘No’. Since personal space and time is a relatively alien concept in most households, working from home is a massive challenge. Even closed doors don’t stop the people from trespassing. Locked doors and loud music does help, but it also makes people think your still in your rebellious teenage phase. Hey, no one ever said I had to grow out of it!

It’s not easy being a #domesticgoddess, because it requires consistence and ridiculous amounts of hard work. But it also means a large amount of satisfaction. Not a lot of people have a choice when it comes to being a domestic goddess, and a shout out to every woman who has ever kept a clean kitchen and a spotless house.


aishwarya kirit

Aishwarya is a coffee addict and incurable fangirl, who spends way too much time on the internet. She manages to make time to be a radio jockey on FM Rainbow, work as a research assistant and so some freelance content writing.

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